U: I saw the piece with and about U on MTV. It bothered me that they said the same old things about U and asked U the same tired questions? Did U expect that? I had hoped that they had grown a little, considering that U have grown so much. Do you feel that it was as much as it could have been? -- Bryan

: The possible reason 4 the ?'s Kurt Loder asked is that MTV didn't get a chance 2 weigh-in on those issues covered since eye have been free from recording contracts. Ananda Lewis and eye r friends and we hope 2 do a more in-depth look in2 the life and times of "urs truly" very soon.

U: What do you believe was the real reason that Adam never left Eve? -- Alicia

: This ?: "what was the real reason Adam never left Eve," is a tough one. When answered, the so-called battle of the sexes will cease. In my heart and my home the ? has been answered. It is a personal journey 4 u and ur beloved.

U: Is there any instrument that you cannot play that you wish you could play? Who is your favorite player of that instrument? -- Ar64utopia

: By no means do eye wish 2 sound arrogant, but eye am my favorite player and eye am very blessed 2 have learned quite enuff instruments 2 keep me busy a lifetime!

U: In creating the song, "We March," did you have the then-upcoming Million Man March in mind? While at the march, I remember hearing several positive references to you and that song; in that it conveyed the spirit of the March. -- Arthur

: "We March" was indeed played at the Million Man March over the loudspeakers, but in fact was written b4 eye had heard about the event.

U: What or who is the inspiration for the song "Dionne"? I have been rather curious about the title of that song.
-- Dionne

: Dionne lives in London and knows quite well the heart she broke. All Dionnes r heartbreakers!

U: I recently watched 4 the 1st time the "beautiful strange" video. and after experiencing the "beautiful strange" song I wonder if we will ever C it released...:) it's such a beautiful song that speaks the TRUTH -- npgshy

: U can order the video 2 "Beautiful Strange" from 1800NEWFUNK 2day. Don't delay! And tell that girl 2 stop stealing my titles! :)

U: It really touched my heart when I read in a recent interview that God is the most important thing in your life now. How has your relationship with God changed or influenced the songs your writing these days and do you have plans to ever record a religious album?
-- Tazz

: Knowledge of The Truth had permeated every song eye have written in the past 7 months. Even the funky ones about romance. Adam and Eve were supposed 2 stay 2gether, no matter what. There is never a reason 2 break apart. Only reason 2 heal.

U: How come U R so interested in Akhenaten and Nefertiti??
-- Sandra

: Nefertiti's husband was recorded as being the highest in public service 2 claim that there was ONE God, not many gods as was the popular belief at the time. U can imagine the opposition he faced at the time- probably as much as one would face 2day if the same claim were made! That mankind can't decide on a God is the single most reason 4 the chaos we witness 2day...a worldwide summit on this issue (u would think) would b the biggest priority 4 mankind. "Who r we and what does God want us 2 do?"

U: How Can I Join The NPG.... Muscially, Literally? -- Edward

: 2 join The NPG - faith in Christ, love 4 vegetables and total disdain 4 the UNFUNKY!

U: I am a middle school choral director and a life long fan of the artist. How important was public school music in your life and how do you think it influences the lives of children now? -- Jodie

: Eye was allowed free reign in my school music classes, so eye used the time 2 hone my writing skills. Meanwhile, Jimmy Jam in the same class could read music and play all the latest popular tunes. Needless 2 say- all the girls were around HIS piano!

On a serious note: In 1999, the school system is pretty foul overall. Vast changes should b made in the teachings 2 insure that children have more of a spiritual foundation 2 manage their growing anxiety and dillusionment as 2 their place and purpose on the earth. FACT: In the year 2000, it is estimated that roughly 70% of Black families in U.S. will have have absent fathers. The current leadership in this country is either absent as well or completely content with this fact.

U: Have U recorded anything in studio with Miles? Will U release it? -- ุster

: Eye have recorded with Miles... it sounds as u would xpect: chaotic and beautiful! Its release depends on the length of The War.

U: How much involvement do you have in the creations of your album covers?

: Save 4 The Hits Package released by my 4mer label, all of the cover was either my creation or had my blessing.

U: On the single, "Pop Life", what is the significance of the interspersions of (what sounds like) a boxing match? (I have wondered about this for years!)

: Good ? - Me 2 :)

U: Your clothes are very beautiful. Who makes them, and do you design them yourself? -- Jacqueline

: Debbie McGuan will very soon b incorporating and releasing her designs 2 the world. Right now, am her sole client.

U: I've been married for four years to my soulmate. If marriage is just another contract to you, why did you feel it necessary to get married in the first place? -- Linda

: The origin of marriage is an interesting topic. The neccessity of it is personal choice, eye believe. In an upcoming cover story in Ebony entitled: What Makes Love Work?, eye cover, in detail an answer 2 that ? Cool pics as well:)

U: At the concerts in Europe I heard U when U told us that jezus died on a stake instead of a cross. Afterwards I overheard discussions about 'what's the truth...'. But is it not more important to know the message he sent instead which item killed him.

: Many claim Jesus but distort his life and death 4 their gains. What Jesus stood 4 is very important, and one of those things was TRUTH. Anyone interested about his departure from this plane should check out: The Christ or the Cross?

U: Whatever happened to the classic track "empty room" and the video shown at the gold experience tour? -- lineafunk

: "Empty Room" will b released with many other gems on a new complilation called Prince and the Revolution's Roadhouse Garden

U: Could u, or would u consider adding photos, lyrics or hidden songs 2 the forthcoming cd Rave that can only be found on our cdroms? -- MyaBocca

: Stay tuned 2 Love4oneanother 4 details on the upcoming "Special Edition of RAVE" - Many suprises await!!

U: What has made you decide to let someone else produce your work?

: Curious 2 hear the outcome. Black Thought and ?uestlove of The Roots want me.

U: What is your opinion on the senseless shootings that occured in Colorado this past spring? What do you think can be done to make our children feel safer in a place where they're supposed to learn and get an education?
-- dwalbert

: Sign O' the Times. It's all in Revelation.

U: What do you look for in an artist when you do a collaboration, such as the one you may do with Busta Rhymes? Why choose one artist over another? -- Michel

: Mainly their mind... Busta's commentary on life intrigues me, even moreso than his music.

U: Where did the story\Lyrics from the song Pheromone stem from? -- CTM

: Carmen Electra and The Crazy Horse.

U: I would like to ask the Artist if he is ever going to release a solo piano album.The reason I'm asking this is that in my opinion his playing of this instrument gets overlooked in some ways. His style reminds me of a cross between Art Tatum and Bud Powell.
-- Dewayne

: Eye so appreciate the compliment. If the demand is there, eye would release a solo piano joint. Get a petition 2gether.

U: Over the years you have had a wide variety of musicians play for you, with equally varying degrees of expertise. How do u select musicians for your band(s)? --- Amy

: Spiritual base and good personality r important. Eye can teach anyone 2 play if they have the desire.

U: Will there ever be another film project? --- cllamont

: Spike Lee and eye r working on something... nice!

U: Do you plan on doing a big show for the New Millenium? For the year 2000 and if so where? --- Chris

: In the Light.

U: I have a great appreciation for Madhouse, have you considered releasing the album 24 and/or re-recording and re-releasing 8 & 16 as well as continuing to record more Madhouse albums? --- Czer1

: We r planning a Madhouse greatest hits... coming soon. Beware of the bootleg cover band who stole r name.

U: I understand how the music haunts you and you as a medium for the music, but where does the inspiration for the lyrics come from? How do you specify the appropriate lryics for a song? --- Jeffrey Ullom

: Going back 2 Genesis, all humans were made in God's image, so eye try 2 respect the gift of creativity by letting The Truth remain my primary inspiration.

U: We know about your religious beliefs, but does it really matter to you what our beliefs are as long as we love God and have God in our lives? Sometimes it seems to me like religion causes seperation from the start, all that should matter is that we love God!
--- J777JEREMY

: Falsehood of any kind indeed causes separation. The Truth on the other hand is simply The Truth. ONE tends 2 get along with everyONE else when following The Truth.

U: I was wondering if you are planning releasing a live CD? --- HUFF2502

: The Vault is full of so many onederful live recordings, it would b a vast undertaking. One day the quintessential live set will surface.

U: Can you name some of the trax on the forthcoming rave un2 the joy fantastic cd? --- PiePie1976

: Yes, eye can :)

U: R there any plans to continue the release of ROADHOUSE GARDEN? --- Arc1Love

: That's a ? better posed 2 Wendy and Lisa at this stage

U: My girlfriend of 11 months and I first met online in discussion of your gun mic. Since you are obviously opposed to violence and promote peace, what is the positive significance and meaning of your gun microphone? --- Joe Kelley

: My words of peace go in2 the gun and nullify its power

Ask from last year. He may have answered ur ? already.