1999, the eve of the new millennium, a new age. What will it bring...What changes do we xpect?


The new age is r age; it will b what we make it. If we want 2 end the negativity we will,

if we want a world with love 4 all then so it will b.


Put all your energy in2 love and u will b empowered like never be4. As we gain a deeper understanding of each other and the

world around us we will no longer b tied by the con ventions of r modern society. The need 4 con tracts will

b gone as we trust in r love 4 each other.


We will c an end 2 con vention and the con finement of r thoughts and minds 2 the 4 dimensional world in

which we xists 2day. As we discover the true depths of r soul so the need 4 the division we b gone, we will live in

one world with one love and one voice .


We will bcome multi-sensory bings and the spark of God that is within us all will change from a glowing

ember 2 b ignited in2 a light that will shine brighter than anything we have seen b4. We will bcome

beings of light and the need 4 con versation will b gone as we learn 2 communicate on another level.

This is r future; it is 4 us 2 create. Join in this new dawn and welcome 2 the true meaning of the

New Power Generation. The start of 1999 will herald a time 4 us all 2 join as one in love 4 one another .

Let unity b ur goal.

Love and peace 2 u all